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Spike Push Rod Bolt Caps for Harleys[IMA-00-SP-CA]


A great way to give a touch of ATTITUDE to the transmission side of you engine.

These ALL METAL chrome and semi-gloss powder coat black bull dog spike bolt covers are designed to fit over the 8 existing stock 1/4 inch socket head cap screws on your Harley Davidson push rod covers on EVOs and Twin cam models. 

NOTE: If a 3/16 inch allen wrench fits the bolt heads the our spike caps will also fit.

We've designed these to cover both the allen bolt heads AND the washers underneath the allen heads for a very clean look.  They are held in place with a drop of high-temp silicone adhesive (not included).

The spikes are 3/4 inches tall and 1/2 diameter at the base. See our other listings for our TALL spikes.

Sold in sets of 8 and match our other spike cap products.

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