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Bullet License Bolts

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Bullet License Bolts[IMA-00-44LB-]


Give your license frame a bit of ATTITUDE or complete your end-to-end custom bullet theme with these real 44 magnum bolts.

These bolts are made from new 44 Starline magnum shells, and are perfect for dressing up license plate frames, or any other area on your bike that use 1/4 inch -20 bolts.(check out our matching 44 mag bolts for windshields, fairings and everything in between).

These decorative bolts extend just over 1/4 inch when mounted. Threads are 3/4 inches long and come with stainless steel lock washers and nuts.

To enhance their appearance even more, we use nickel primers in the brass shells and brass primers in the nickel shells.

Sold in sets of 4.

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