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Bullet Caps for Harley Switch Housing Bolts[IMA-44-CAP-S]

44 Mag Switch Housing Bolt Kit for Harelys

Add a touch of ATTITUDE or create a total end-to-end custom theme with these 44 mag switch housing bolt caps. 
The caps are made from new 44 magnum shells and come with replacement allen socket heads bolts for the caps to fit over.  (these replacement bolts are supplied with kit. Just replace one at a time)
The caps are 4 tenths of an inch long and held in place with a drop of silicon adhesive (not included). 
To enhance their appearance even more, we use nickel primers (center of shells) in the brass shells and brass primers in the nickel shells. 
These covers match our other 44 mag products for a true end-to-end custom look.
If you have sportster model be sure to select sportster in the model selection option menu above. 

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