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Bullet Caps for Harley Rocker Cover Bolts

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Bullet Caps for Harley Rocker Cover Bolts[IMA-44-CAP-R]


Top off your Harley engine with ATTITUDE with these real bullet bolt caps for Harley rocker covers.

These caps are made from with new BRASS and NICKEL shells and are sold in sets of 4.

We offer two sizes of bolt caps.

1. For twin cam engines like the 88, 90, and 103 + we use 500 S&W shells (largest handgun made)

2. For the older EVO engines like the 80, 1000, and 1200 we use the 44 mag shells. 

They are held in place with a drop or two of hi-temp silicone adhesive (aka RTV/gasket maker), which can be found at most auto part stores.

See our other bullet bolt caps and bolts for a real end-to-end custom look.

(sold in sets of 4)

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