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Black Spike Roadglide Windshield Fairing bolts[IMA-00-44RGF]

Dress up your roadglide with these kits of 4 or 5 bull dog spike bolts. They are all metal and powder coated semi gloss black.  They replace the existing bolts on 2008 - later Harley Roadglide windshield fairings only. Models 2008- 2013 require 5 bolts and the 2014 and later models require 4 bolts.  Use the option menu to select which you need.
The spikes are milled from aluminum and powder coated black.  The 10-32 x 1 inch threads are STAINLESS STEEL. 
The spikes stand 3/4 inch tall and the base of the spike heads are 1/2 inch in diameter.  The standard10-32 threads are 1 inch long**.  The spikes come with a rubber O-ring on the bottom that helps prevent the spike from coming loose over time due to vibration.
Choose the number of spikes you need in the pull down option menu above.
**NOTE: If you have a Cee Bailey wind fairing kit, or a add on trim kit you will need to request our longer 1 1/4 inch threads.

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